Balance Mod v1.20 Alpha Released!
Date: Thursday, March 5th @ 12:33 am GMT
Topic: Space Empires V

An Alpha version of the Balance Mod v1.20 has been posted. It features some changes to the tech tree, uses the "Small Systems" add-on and adds a few new components.

Try it out here:
Balance Mod v1.20 Alpha

It's a little rough around the edges so that's why I've labeled it as an Alpha. All the new items have been updated along with the tech tree but not all of them have new images yet. The AI is mostly competent but hasn't been updated fully to all the new changes or strategies. Also note "small systems" are now default.

Please note you will not be able to use any of your saved empires, game setups, maps or saved games created with the Balance Mod v115+ series.

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