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Beyond the Horizon

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Written by Dracus

The year is 2411, The humanity is locked into a struggle for their very survival. Quickly built ships with rookie crews head from the ship yards almost as soon as the last bolt is in place. Waves of enemy ships pound at the border systems. Were are they all coming from? No-one knows for sure, all that is truely known is that they come from somewhere beyond the Dalvvj system and Sigma Draconis were our outer most colonies lay. Alpha Fleet is moving from their home port at lambdra Dra to make the first incursion into an unknown warp point at the far side of Dalvvj. Not knowing they will find on the other side has the crews on edge. Most of the escort ships in Alpha fleet were orginally designed for space exploration with 10-11 year old systems and poorly maintained cannons. There are a few frigates in the fleet that were designed right after the war began. They have an added rocket launcher mounted. Their mission is to find the enemy bases and report back to the Empire. John Dart looks out a port side window into the coldness of space. He is attack officer for the escort friendship, an escort class ship designed in the year 2400 to seek out new life and new places for colonization. Re-assigned in the year 2407 to lambda Dra VI as part of a defense fleet (the system were first contact with the enemy took place).
For years he dreamed of meeting new lifeforms that is why he inlisted orginally with the seekers visting and taking part in a number of discoveries. All that ended when the war borke out. he has heard tales that new colonies were being set up in new systems to supply ships as they seek out enemy systems, but each attempt has turned up with nothing. Were are these aliens coming from? John is torn between hoping they are the ones to find the answer and finding yet another empty system. "When this mission is over", John thinks, "I am going to request re-assignment to one of those new destroyer class ships that they are developing." As news comes over the speaker system telling about the latest battle in the Sigma Dranconis system. John peers into the dark void and starts to recap on how this all came about.

>>>The Start<<<

The Empire rose out of a past of war and dis-order.Clashs over land and resources left the planet in total dis-array. The conditions have deterated to the point were in time the planet would be un-livable if action was not taken. In 2055, a man of vision rose to the challege, seeing the planet was dying, he worked to unit the clans. The empire was born. He renamed the star system Wayland and the home planet was then known Wayland III.

++++from the notes of Steve Rain, a colonist on Wayland VIII++++++++


"I am scheduled to board the ship in 5 hours. They say that was designed to be taken apart and used in building the colony. We are not sure which planet they finally decided on as each is no better then the others. Studies showed that a number of planets in our system have large deposits of ore, none have breathable air and we will all have to live in a domed city.
I am a little scared as they have never had a successful test of the colonizer dome and the only real reports they have on the planets have been done by un-manned probes. If we make it, we will be the first to ever set foot on an alien world."

"well, I am now aboard the starship, I was told they did not even bothered to name it. There is a story going around that the engines powering this thing are protypes and this launch will be the first real test for them. This is getting scarier by the minute."


"We are about half way to our new home, Which I have learned is called Wayland VIII. The 'Rusty Bucket', which is what we have come to call the ship, seems to be holding up, The noise from the engines can drive a man crazy. The ship shakes and the power systems fade in and out but never quite to the point of failure. Why did I decide to do this? Oh, yea it was either this or spend the rest of my live in a prison mine. Is this really better? I will still be mining but have been told that I will be free and I will be getting paid."


"we have made it to Wayland VII! The ship had a number of minor problems but we maded it. They picked this planet as it was the richest in minerals, yet is at the far edge of our system, which means that they will have to build large hauling ships to carry the resources home. Scans show the planet be covered by thick clouds. Time to set up the colony and dig the mine. We also believe that we can grow food to help feed the homeworld. This could mean more credits for everyone."


"The success of the first colony ship as driven the Empire to build very quickly, a number of colony ships. With each construction, new developments in construction are being tested. With lack of work and harsh living on the homeworld, more and more people are deciding to take a chance and sign up for colonization. While there is still a 60% failure rate in the ion engine design, they mainly occur on the haulers transporting minerals from the mines to the homeworld. The population transports have been very lucky. The Empire now has 5 planets and the last usable one will have a colony in 1 month. There is talk that they will also set up a colony on the moon in orbit around the gas Planet Wayland II. This will be the last colony as there is no way for us to leave our star system. in a reasonable time frame."


---From the New reports---

A discovery was made on the edge of our star system. Reseach claims that it is a gateway to another system that will cut the ravel time down to where we can once again seek out new worlds and set up more mining colonies. A new ship is being built to travel into this gateway.


---From the logs of Capt. Rolen aboard the friendship---

"We have started our mission toward the gateway, which they are now calling a warp point. While the engines aboard the Friendship tend to hum quite loudly, the noise is stating to grow on me. Not sure what we will find but if we make it, we will be the first to see another star system."

"We entered the warp point and while the shaking was intense with in a few seconds we merged from it. At first we were not sure if we made it to another system or if we had came back out the same side we entered. Our scanners were off-line. We soon discovered that we had enter a system with 9 planets and a orange like star. 4 of the planets would support dome colonies. We dropped a marker to help us determine how far we had traveled and headed back into the warp point.

Once again we shaken but survived the trip. Once back in our home system, we began scanning for the signal. It was picked up and we charted our course to have been to Lambdra Dra, the second closest system to our own. This discovery could mean that there are more warp points and command has ordred us to re-supply and to return to Lambdra to search for more.


The Empire has been busy, it was discovered that our home system contained a second warp point alomost exactly across the system from the first. It lead to Rana, the closest system to our own. Another ship has been built and sent to that system were two more warp points were found. The finding of a small un-inhabited oxygen planet meant that there could be a planet with conditions to for us to live. The Empire has doubled the the number of explorer ships."


"We have been out here a long time. The discovery of 3 systems containing planets and one system contain nothing but some floating rocks has helped the Empire's planned growth. Colony ships are on the way. We have also found that this is about has far as we can go without supply bases. We are heading back to Lambdra Dra VII to re-supply.


We are traveling across a system call Beid, red nebula that can barely be seen from Wayland III. The fact that we have not found any life yet has been a dis-appointment for the Empire. While our scanners can not see anything in this nebula system, based on past experience, we feel that if a warp point exist; we should find it by traveling right across the system. With the discovery of Sigma Draconis VI, a Large planet that turned out to be like heaven to our people, the Empire is calling off any more colonization. If we don't discover life soon , they may call off any more missions beyond the colonies.

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Written by Dracus

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2004-04-15 (14163 reads)

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