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Treban Kendia Tregwal Wars

Written by civ2buf

Originally posted in Treban Kendia Tregwal Wars thread on Shrapnel Games Intel Forums.

(Clan Province Guild, in Gamgweth, the Ancient Language of the First Birthplace of the Eleven)

A game story/universe

Narrative is from the perspective of Chieftain of Gweld Gath Treban (Necromancy Clan)

The Eleven:

1. Gweld Gath Treban
2. Alyden Tregwal
3. Telger Kendia
4. Hegessger Tregwal
5. Tyvalger Treban
6. Diluger Treban
7. Avren Gath Kendia
8. Menger Tregwal
9. Gath Hegessger Tregwal
10. Amachi Kendia
11. Partani Kendia

Translations of empires 2-11 not provided to keep the suspense of who they are. (Search in Google for Gamgweth dictionary if you want to know)

I've wanted to do a game with the Dragonrealms' powers in space forever, and there is a lull in the Xenology game, so a perfect time to start this. Only mod for this game will be Proportions, so no actual Necromancy, but some of the racial traits work well for some types of magics. Gamgweth names were just a way to make it more mysterious and intruiging.

This is the savegame at the very start of everything: Savegame

Gweld Gath Treban Coronation Ceremony
2400 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer

So tonight on the first day of 2400, we still count by Lanival's victory just for the sadistic humor involved, tonight the ritual of death and rebirth begins for the fifty-third time since the formation of the guild-clan. I could die, a good death to be sure, to die in this ritual. I could also become Chieftain.

I am the fifth alternative for Chieftain for this ceremony, it is an adaptation of our clans' ways from the days of active death magics. Our old magics have faded with the passing of the gods, but on this new planet we learn more new magics every day. Such as how to propel a large object.

Lich is the mirror position to Chieftain, and the two are always picked at the same time, so a new Lich and Chieftain will be picked tonight. Gweld Gath members once actually became real Lichs at the most advanced point in their careers, but that is a power we lost. The Lich title is now a religious position, a sickly charismatic teacher of our ways and morals, while the Chieftain leads all things mundane, such as warfare, research and food.

In a deep cavern of this world it begins. I walk behind the first four chieftain potentials, and four more potentials are behind me. None of us are afraid. We walk through the pitch black cavern, without a single source of light, but all of us know the way by now. The inductees, during that ritual, are lead in once. After that they must know the way.

The First Chieftain, the current one, stands in the middle of a circle he can not see, while we surround him in proper order, listening. The death blade is drawn. The first Lich walks into the circle, and dies by the blade.

"Lich is dead, now comes Lich. Lich exists in death."

"Lich exists in death," the crowd intones in response.

The Chieftain now passes the blade that will kill himself next, to the second Lich. He dies by the Lich's sweeping slice.

"Chieftain is dead, now comes Chieftain, Chieftain exists in death."

This can continue for a long time. Most potentials die a revered death during the ceremony. The ceremony ends when Chieftain and Lich are picked by the response of the surrounding group.

I am up now. It is my turn to kill a Lich, as a proper Chieftain should. It is not an act of vengence, but one of honoring the Lich. Then I stand awaiting death or a proper reaction from the group. Once a Chieftain or a Lich is chosen, He stands aside while the remaining members of both groups exchange deaths until a member of his opposite is picked.

I stepped into the circle, and the Lich passed the blade, I swung. "Lich is dead, now comes Lich, Lich exists in death."

"Lich exists in death."

The next Lich walks up, and I hand the blade over. Not until this last step is performed do I know my fate. But the crowd has chosen me, they shout Chieftain like a mantra. I slowly step out of the circle. I am a bit dissapointed that my turn did not come. All good Chieftains are.

Later the ceremony ended with a Lich picked. I am only known as Chieftain or Chieftain 53 now.

Later, scientists happily under my deathly grip report that they have discovered materials to finalize our design for a Colony DeathShip. We can begin building Colonial DeathShips immediately, to establish our clan on nearbly planets and moons.

To me, it is most important to find Alyden. They were the vilest of our enemies on Elanthia, so it is vital that we find out where they escaped to. Only the identity of our clan itself is more important than destroying this ancient persecutor.

The Alyden hunted us for hundreds of years, and we fought back with some skill, but they were relentless. They kill us not because of any adoration of death, but because they hate us. Proper war should involve death on both sides, but they fought in a tricky manner using a large number of lures and manuevers. We lost clan members at a 10 to 1 ratio to theirs. Alyden had special magics just to destroy us. Plus two thirds of the guilds of Elanthia despised us as well.

If we can find Alyden, but also find our old allies Tyvalger, we will have a chance to destroy Alyden in a particularly dishonorable way. If we can get many of them while alive, that would leave them defeated but not dead, giving them no solace while they suffer in our prisons. It certainly is an effective deterrent to crime here.

Chieftain 53, 2400.0 First Hand Account for Historical Recordkeeping

Three Contacts, Three Enemies


I received a message the new leader of Amachi Kendia late this month. It said, "I am handing over a report of your location to Alyden Tregwal."

The message was transmitted by an unarmed explorer ship that had found our system, and apparently they have found Alyden Tregwall.

Everything is going perfect, the Alyden will come to us and we will destroy them.

The first Death Colony has been set up, we are still determining where to focus our efforts as far as the new colonies' development.


Alyden Tregwall and Hegessger Tregwal send messages telling me Gweld Gath is an abomination. Those two are so focused on us that they will find themselves falling behind.

Gweld Gath continues to not care about all these distant declarations. We have finalized the Death Slammer, which is excellent for both planetary and ship to ship combat. For ship to ship combat, the Death Slammer is equipped to ram its target, whereas napalm is used for planetary targets.

Amachi's weaponless explorer is trying to blockade us, but they have simply been added to our list of targets.

The key to victory will be the quick destruction of the enemies economic power, meaning their homeworld. Napalm is the best way to do that.

Lich is keeping the officers who are now vying for the first captaincies well trained and well motivated. Lich says we will tear the heart from our enemies.

Lich is my closest companion, and we discuss many things. We both agree negativity is unneccesary and harmful to the clans morale.


Things are heating up here on homeworld, we've been blockaded, we've seen a million people die on our colony from a suicidal Alyden captain, and we are building Death Bases now to compete with all three enemies. Among them, the clerics are most rabid.

An unarmed exploration ship slammed into our colonial world on purpose, disrupting operations there and killing Lich and Chieftain on that world.

Amachi is the wisest of the three clans, they have pulled back since our first encounter, which will put them in good position regardless of whether Hegessger and Alyden defeat us or not.

There is some unspecified war going on, that distracts Alyden and Hegessger for the moment, I am pretty sure of it. Explorer ships are best used to continue exploring, unless you think you won't be back for a while, and don't care.

Exploration doesn't matter so much in an all out war like this, and I know the clerics of Alyden and their ally Hegessger will go all out to destroy us, and whomever else they are fighting.

I can only imagine Tyvalger, Diluger or Avren Gath as enemies of Alyden. If we can find those three, the scales would be tipped in our favor. Avren Gath once was the sole place of Necromancy, before our clan was commissioned.

They are mages in search of unlimited power, and the most likely to be our allies in the long run. They know that alliances are crucial, so many clans had friendships and emnities before escaping into space, and those will be reflected in the coming war.

The lack of pressure on our system gives us the opportunity to drastically raise our ship construction capability with Death Bases. If i can get six or seven death bases building slammers, we will be able to fight effectively.

Death Slammer design:


Planetary Napalm
Plague Weaponry
Explosive Warhead

This is all fitted on a transport hull, but it is no peaceful ship, not that those exist for us. The Clerics of Alyden have unleashed suicidal tactics, but they are our specialty.

A couple slammers can condemn any planet to slow or fast death.

Written by civ2buf

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2003-08-08 (5909 reads)

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