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1. Remix of HughManatee's HH Shipsets for Honorverse Mod [Forum Post]
...following 'remixed' shipsets... Obviously the real credit belongs to HughManatee, as the original author. Additionally, all the sets have the add-on bits that the mod provided for the original sets...

2. *NOTE* [Forum Post]
...originally made by disappeared TPM Team, but 0.5.1 is an improved TPM 0.3.0 pre2. There are much more from original authors in 0.4.0. TPM 0.6.3 will have all things from 0.4.0 and 0.5.1 and some new!

3. Crimson Concept Mod and Realistic Quadrant Mod and Addon Mod [Forum Post] to see together with Crimson Concept Mod. I want to merge them, i try but i failed. It is possible to assimilate their concepts into yours in the future (with accept of their authors, of course)?

4. SEIV shipset to SEV shipset [Forum Post]
...that I am lost on what to do to make it SEV compliant. Is it doable without pulling my hair out. And no I have not been able to talk to the Author so will put any credit I can find in a readme txt.

5. The Zodiac Wars [Forum Post]
...Space Empires. Here it goes: [b:916556e357]Title:[/b:916556e357] The Zodiac Wars [b:916556e357]Author:[/b:916556e357] IceBite [b:916556e357]Alliances:[/b:916556e357] Zodiac Alliance, Astrologica...

6. Way Off Topic - On The Fringe - ID for the Interent! [Forum Post]
...uote:ef5eb43766]STANFORD, Calif. - President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White Ho...

7. Combining Shipsets [Forum Post]
...tion TNG and Temporal Integrity Commission (NOT for Public release UNLESS I get permission from the authors of each of the shipsets and modelers) but am having trouble. Does anyone know an easy/fool p...

8. Multiverse1-Enemy From Beyond [Forum Post]
...ars now. Finally here it is! Story title: Multiverse 1-“Enemy From Beyond “ (January , 2008) Author: Campeador First of all, SPOILER WARNING! ---If you are planning to play the Multiverse M...

9. General discussion about AddOn 1.2 Mod [Forum Post]
Feel free to write :) which conception should be developed, which mods should be implemented into, which elements should be rebalanced, etc. Kuna the author of AddOn Mod

10. DCI-Zastaver Contract (W) [Forum Post] normal fleet speed (and being sent for repairs or left on its own so the fleet can move faster). Authorisation to move out of an assigned system, or to change a specific mission, must be sought fro...

11. Newsletter - August/September 2005 [Content]

12. Newsletter - July 2005 [Content]

13. Newsletter - May 2005 [Content]

14. Ocelots Rampant [Content]

15. From the Begining [Content]

16. Gamey Tactics Listing [Content]

17. A New Age: Once Upon The Stars [Content]

18. The Icaran Empire (a late game story) [Content]

19. Newbie Galactic Combat III [Content]

20. History of the Galaxy. Part II [Content]

21. Devnull Mod 1.70 [File]
[DEPRECATED] Version 1.70 of the Devnull Mod, put together by Rollo. The Devnull Mod is a collection and amalgamation of many mods and ideas from various authors. Features the infamous Space Monsters.

22. Devnull Mod 1.71 [File]
Version 1.71 of the Devnull Mod, put together by Parabolize. The Devnull Mod is a collection and amalgamation of many mods and ideas from various authors. Features the infamous Space Monsters.

23. Devnull Mod Gold 1.80 [File]
Devnull Mod Gold is a collection and amalgamation of many mods and ideas from various authors. It features the infamous Space Monsters, many new components, mounts and ruins techs, better overall bala...

24. Hiigaran Shipset [File]
Can't remember where i got it or the author but i love this Hiigaran shipset from the Homeworld series

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